15-122 Principles of Imperative Computation

The schedule is subject to change throughout the semester.

Date   Lecture or
  Reading   Code   Assignment

Tue Aug 24   Overview   01-overview.pdf,
Thu Aug 26   Ints   02-ints.pdf   code  

Tue Aug 31   Binary Search   03-binsearch.pdf   find.c0, code  
Thu Sep 2   Sorting   04-sorting.pdf   sort.c0, code   Assignment 1

Tue Sep 7   Subquadratic Sorts   05-subqsorts.pdf   mergesort.c0, code  
Thu Sep 9   Unbounded Arrays   06-ubarrays.pdf   ubarrays.c0, code  

Tue Sep 14   Lists and Queues   07-queues.pdf   queues.c0, code   Assignment 2
Thu Sep 16   Stacks   08-stacks.pdf   lists.c0, stacks.c0  

Tue Sep 21   Programs as Data: The JVM   09-jvm.pdf   jvm00.c0, code  
Thu Sep 23   Review       Assignment 3

Tue Sep 28   Hash Tables   11-hashtables.pdf   hashtables.c0, code  
Thu Sep 30   Midterm 1   sample solution    

Tue Oct 5   Data Structure Invariants   12-dsinvs.pdf   tbuf.c0, code   Assignment 4
Thu Oct 7   Priority Queues   13-priorqs.pdf   heaps.c0, code  

Tue Oct 12   Restoring Invariants   14-resinvs.pdf   heaps.c0, code  
Thu Oct 14   Binary Search Trees   15-bst.pdf   bst.c0, code   Assignment 5

Tue Oct 19   Randomized Binary Search Trees   16-randbst.pdf   root-bst.c0, code  
Thu Oct 21   Red/Black Trees   17-rbtrees.pdf   rbt.c0, code  

Tue Oct 26   Tries   18-tries.pdf   tst.c0, code  
Thu Oct 28   Binary Decision Diagrams   19-bdds.pdf   none  

Tue Nov 2   ROBDDs   19-bdds.pdf   none  
Thu Nov 4   Midterm 2   sample solution    

Tue Nov 9   Polymorphism   21-poly.pdf   stacks.h, stacks.c, code   Assignment 7
Thu Nov 11   Memory Management   22-mem.pdf   stacks.h, stacks.c, code  

Tue Nov 16   Dynamic Programming   23-dynprog.pdf,
  bdd-eap.pdf (Sec 4)
  fib.c, robdd.c, nqueens.c, code  
Thu Nov 18   Spanning Trees   24-spanning.pdf   none   Assignment 8

Tue Nov 23   Assignment 8 (C0VM) Discussion   15-122-hw8.pdf   twoplusthree.bc0, factorial.bc0  
Wed Nov 26   Thanksgiving Holiday (no classes)    
Thu Nov 25   Thanksgiving Holiday (no classes)    

Tue Nov 30   Engineering Better Software
  at Microsoft
  25-sal.pdf   Jason Yang,
Thu Dec 2   Union-Find     unionfind.c0, code  

Fri Dec 10   Final, 5:30pm-8:30pm, GHC 4401   sample solution    

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